Jade: Please Don't Kill Me, Kayden

Later I went downstairs, to see what had happened. Right before I got to the kitchen, Brandon pulled me aside.

"You were right. Wow, Aysh and Kayden. It kinda ruined the surprise for me, though." he said. "You should have seen everyone." He laughed, and obviously that had been something I should have saw.

I finally went into the kitchen, where most people were talking, and I heard a lot of "Aysh" and "Kayden"'s. I also saw a new boy, actually two, I think. One had just come in, while the other had been here already. I went up and introduced myself, learning that the the new boys were named Orphian and Adam.

"Jade, time control." I said, to both of them. "What's your powers?" Orphian smiled.

"Lasers. Lame, maybe, but kinda cool." I smiled, thinking that him and Brandon would get along just fine. I turned to Adam, but before he could answer me, Kayden and Aysh caught my eye.

"Over here, Jade." Kayden nearly growled. I thought of when I had recently told her I was sorry. It seemed like we weren't going to be friends much longer...

"You told Brandon!" Aysh nearly screamed. "How? But I know it was you!"

"Umm... I was hiding in your closet?" I said. In my head, I whispered, Please don't kill me, Kayden.

The End

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