Aysh: OMG

Kayden is the first person I have ever told. I mean, I am sure no one noticed, cause it would have trashed the whole "she has a sugar daddy giving her money" theory the newspapers had. I probably could have told them, but where is the fun in that?

Anyway, I am so happy. She said she loves me too. I didn't expect that, I just wanted to get it out of the way. now the fun part is letting everybody else figure it out. I wonder if she told anyone yet.

I think I shall go downstairs again, and tell everyone. Just for the fun of it.

I skip down the stairs and smell the wonderful scent of chocolate pancakes. I open my fridge, get a bag of those strawberries in the syrup, and pour half of them over three pancakes.YUMMY!!!

I am grinning, and shoving stuff in my face. I take a moment to breathe, and ask if anyone has seen Kayden. Brandon looks up and shoots me a confused look. I wonder if he knows?

No one has seen her so I tell them she has a crush on someone. They all jump up, and ask me how I know. I tell them she told me her self. Brandon is really beaming at me now. He must know. Some people look worried, cause all the boys are taken, I guess.

But, then I look around, and see two new guys. well, I might have saved one of theirs life, but I am not sure. Rephy asks who it is, and my smile grows faster than the Grinch's heart after he gave back the presents.

I ask Brandon if he knows, and he grins wider. He sends me one questioning look, and seems reassured when I nod. Everyone else is holding their breath.

"It is....... Aysh"

Everyone freezes, then Rephy looks at me. "Do you like her too?"

I just give them all my "Mysterious look" and walk away.

but not before I catch some weird glances from some of the other kids. It is obvious to me. Brandon knew. I wonder how?

The End

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