Rephy : Morning! (2)

I knock at Adam's new room. Already, his name is carved into the wood of the door.

"Come in." says a voice from inside. I open the door upside down and walk onto the top door frame and onto the ceiling of his room.

"Morning!"I greet him, "Did you sleep well? Unpacked yet?" I take away gravity, and everything starts floating into the air. Adam quickly closes his suitcase to prevent anything floating out, I think.

"G'd morning." he yawns. "Thanks for yesterday by the way. I slept splendidly. I'm on my way to unpacking." I look into his brilliant green eyes, now sparkling and smile.

"Hungry?" I ask, "Pancakes and waffles downstairs!"

"Starving!" he replies. Then he follows me downstairs, swimming in the air.

The End

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