Adam: I'm beginning to remember

Oh the relief.

I feel so much better then I did a few minutes ago. I drift into a different sort of sleep, unlike I’ve ever known. When I finally wake up I’m lying on a bed and my suitcase is nearby. There’s nobody in the room but I can hear voices and people laughing downstairs.
A piece of paper on the pillow catches my eye and I unfold in to see a note written in beautiful neat handwriting.

I hope you feel better now you’re awake, you gave us all a really bad scare. Why not unpack your stuff and then come downstairs and someone will get you something to eat? We’re looking forward to hearing your story. Rephy.

I smile and then start to frown again as I think Story? Well I must have one but I don’t remember…

My gaze falls on the suitcase and I sit down beside it and take a deep breath. Ok, moment of truth. I pop the suitcase open and the first thing I see on top of all the clothes is a book with the name ‘Dr. Brian Jenson’ written just inside the cover. Confused I flick open the first page. It’s a journal.

My chest tightens and I shiver. Must be an after effect of the diabetic faint. I hadn’t had an attack that bad since Dad… I stop and suddenly I’m hit with a wave of memories.

Dad. My dad. Brian Jenson. I read the first page and things start to click into place. I’m beginning to remember.


I’ve done something terrible.

Adam is nearly one year old now. He’s doing great despite the diabetes, but I think in one horrible moment of confusion I’ve destroyed his entire future. I can’t let the government know about this or they’ll take him into containment, I can’t tell Laura either, she’s too ill to take it. Oh god I really don’t know what to do!

Since the discovery of substance zero they’ve had a complete lockdown on the labs. I should never have brought Adam and Laura into the facility. And now Laura is sick and Adam… I can only hope to god I haven’t killed my only son. It happened in the lab today. It was an accident but I have exposed Adam to substance zero. There hasn’t been a human test yet. I can only pray.


Adam is showing no signs of being affected by substance zero. In fact he seems healthier, more alert.

I think I will suggest a human test, I can’t let them know that Adam has it running through his veins. My only hope is that they never find my journal or Adam is doomed. I have a funny feeling that I will be killed because of my work here. It’s not something the government would want people to find out about.

I gasped as I realised I had tears running down my face. I wiped them away with the back of my hand and tucked the journal under the mattress on the bed. I remembered now, I was an only child. My mother couldn’t have anymore children after me. She had to have her womb removed because of complications. They were surprised she even had me. My mother was sick for a long time before she died. I remember being told that she was especially ill that fateful day. So my father took me to the lab to let her get some peace and quiet and when we were there I had a diabetic crash. In his haste to inject me with the insulin he picked up the wrong injection…..

I must have been found out, and now I was in a house with the rest of the children of the meteor. I wonder if they will hate me for who my father was. Should I tell them? Agh this is too frustrating!
There is a knock at the door but I can barely find the energy to stand up. “Come in.” I croak tiredly.

All this remembering stuff is getting way too much for me.

The End

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