Violet: Relief can hurt, you know.

So, by this time, practically everybody wanted pancakes-Apart from Tami, of course, who refused to part with her muffins-so me and Arc made them all. I was just lifting the pan up to flip one when I heard a 'Clang' a gasp, and an "Aysh!". I put the pan on the stove, turning it off, and ran to the living room, tucking a loose strand of hair behind my ear. There was a guy I didn't recognise, slumped over on the sofa, Rephy, Aysh, Kayden, and Aurili standing around him. I looked at a tag tied around his neck.

Name: Adam Jenson
DOB: 31/5/1999
Condition: Rare
Status: Dormant
Codename: Techie
NTK: DB Type 1

Aysh made an insulin needle appear, and Rephy injected Adam with it.

His head snapped up, confused. A shock of it ran down my spine.

Blood flowed into his cheeks like waterfalls regaining water after being dehydrated. He sucked in a deep breath, but let his eyes stay closed. Relief smacked me in the face so hard, I felt like physically saying, 'Ouch.'

"I think he's sleeping now." Rephy muttered.

Aurili touched his shoulder, and his clothes turned dry - obviously reversing time on his clothes to the way they were. Rephy smiled, and made Adam float upstairs with her. I'm guessing to find him a new bedroom. Well, not new, I guess, but to find a situation for his room. That sounded more accurate.

I took Arc's hand and lifted it up, then kissed the top of it. We continued to make these pancakes - damn I was getting hungry.

The End

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