Rephy : Another New Guy!

I  finish breakfast and float upstairs when I hear a suitcase drop to the floor. I float over to the entrance of the Unit and see a new boy standing weakly, covered in mud. I just stare at him. His green eyes are tired and he clears his throat.

"Hi, erm. I'm Adam. Can one of you tell me where I am and why I'm here?" He says, then his eyes flutter and he drops to his knees. "I'm diabetic." Adam falls and I manage to take gravity away before his head hits the floor. I land on the carpet and drag the floating new boy behind me towards the bedrooms.

"Aysh!" I scream, pulling Adam to the living area and onto a sofa. She bounces down the stairs after a few seconds, her eyes filled with worry.

"Will you make some insulin injections please? This is a new boy, Adam, and he has diabetes, type 1 I think, it said so on his tag." I explain, Aysh nods. By now, Kayden, Violet, Arc, Aurili and a few other are standing around the sofa, full of concern. Whispers ran through them. Aysh makes a needle. I take it, and injects Adam. His face is still. Then blood flows back into his cheeks and he takes a deep breath, eyes still closed. I sigh in relief.

"I think he's sleeping now." I say to everyone. Aurili walks over, puts her hand on his clothes and turns them clean and dry. I smile at her. Then I float Adam upstairs to find a bedroom.

The End

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