Adam: Memory Loss

It was like, seven? Eight? Awh man I can't remember what time it was when I got home  that night. But I remember they were there. The monkey men. That's what I called them anyway. Their arms looked way too big for their bodies and those suits were just awful.

I turned the light on in the kitchen (I think.. I'm still having problems with my memory) and I saw them sitting at the table, waiting.
'You guys?' I groaned. And that's all I remember. I don't know what happened then, I don't know who they are, heck I don't even know who I am, something must have got my memory. All I have is this suitcase of stuff to help me remember what kind of person I am. It must be nearly morning at this stage. I feel so tired.

I fiddle in the darkness of the boat and someone kicks me. "Shutup kid. And no freaky stuff." Freaky stuff? Damn why can't I see? Have I gone blind? Then as I turn my head I realise there's a blindfold around my eyes, it's soft against my skin and I realise I'm getting feeling back in my body. Too bad no memory comes back with it.
I drift into oblivion again, lulled by the gently sway of the boat on the waves.

I wake suddenly as rough hands grab me and lift me out of the boat.
"Woah woah woah go easy dudes!"
All I get is a slap for my big mouth. And then they're gone, and my hands are free.
I lift them up to my face and pull the blindfold down, taking my time to look around me.

"Woah." I'm on some kind of island or something? I must be cos they brought me here in a bought right? Anyway there's a house or something up ahead, maybe somebody there can help me.
I start walking.

The last thing I expected to see when I walked in the door was a girl floating about two feet off the ground but hey, I guess when you get beat up, kidnapped, lose your memory..... maybe this is what the world is really like and I've just been living a lie.
I finger the dogtags around my neck, the only link to my identity I have at the moment.

Name: Adam Jenson
DOB: 31/5/1999
Condition: Rare
Status: Dormant
Codename: Techie
NTK: DB Type 1

It's the only thing that makes me feel like I exist apart from the suitcase of my stuff (I'm guessing it's mine) that I just carried up the beach to the house. I drop it with a clang and the girl jumps (if you can jump when you're already in mid air) and looks around at me. I realise that I must look a state. I mean...I can only guess what I look like after all I've been through. My black tshirt is wet and clinging to me, I'm caked in mud from the bottom of my combats to my black floppy hair. I'm naturally quite tanned so the dirt on my skin shouldn't look so bad (I hope) I'm so tired I know my eyes don't have that big green eyes affect at the moment because I don't have the energy to be alert.

I clear my throat nervously "Hi, em...I'm Adam. Can one of you tell me where I am and why I'm here?" Then suddenly I feel dizzy and drop to my knees. I don't care how I look anymore. I just want to sleep. But something about this dizziness is worrying me. I can't think what it is. My mind goes back to the information on the dogtags. MNTK: DB Type 1...MNTK...what is it that bothers me about that? Then suddenly it all clicks into place. Medical Need To Know. I look up at the girl and point to the dogtags. "I'm diabetic" then everything goes black.

The End

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