Rephy : Morning, again

I yawn heavily, waking up to the smell of pancakes. I slept on the ceiling last night, Nero had been sleeping on my bed, looking after Meita. Not the ceiling in my bedroom but the corridor. I walk down the wall and a door, then Tami walks over with a bowl of muffins in her hand, around six or seven.

"Ha! Muffins!" She grins, proudly showing off her bowl.

"I thought there was a canon in the fridge or something?" I ask, rubbing my eyes, "Plus, cherries are much nicer."

"Who cares about a canon? Muffins are much much more important than that!"

"Okay! I'm hungry." Said I, walking towards the staircase.

"Want a muffin then?"

"Any cherry-flavoured ones?"


"Nevmind, thanks anyway." Tami retreats to her bedroom and I walk over to the staircase and float down.

"Is someone making pancakes?" I ask loudly. "They smell very nice."

"Yes, you can have some Rephy." Violet says, I smile. She and Arc are standing over the stove, exchanging giggles every now and then.

Suddenly, an unfamiliar boy walks down the stairs. I float over to him.

"Hi! I'm Rephy, I control gravity. Are you new?" I question him.

"Hey, yeah, I'm new. I'm Orphian, I shoot lazers." He replies, shaking hands with me.

"You hungry? Violet and Arc are making pancakes!"

"Hi," Arc says, waving a spatula.

"Sure." Orphian smiles, he walks over to them and start helping.

The End

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