Violet: Agenda? Food.

I woke in a familiar looking bed. Leaning up, I checked the time on my alarm clock - I never used it as an alarm, ever - and it was ten AM. I laughed, falling back onto my pillow. I usually got up at nine, no matter what time I went the night-or morning-before. I remember I went to bed at six AM..

Somebody heard me laugh to myself, because there was a faint tap at the door. I yawned.

"Come in."

A figure stepped through the gap in my door.

"Why good morning, sleepyhead." Arc said in a posh, loud voice.

"Morning," I groaned, rubbing my eyes. Then I stopped, and stayed completely still.

I suddenly remembered I had just woke up,  my cheeks flushed a deep scarlett and my heart thumped unevenly. "What's wrong?" He asked, immediately realising the change of colour in my face.

"Me." I huffed, playfully shoving him off my bed. "I've just woke up. I look horrible," I noticed my hair like a haystack and my mascara smudged down my gradually turning paler cheeks -I had caught a glance of myself in the mirror hanging over my dressing table.

"Well, I think you look beautiful."

"Har Har. Now get out. I'll be two-actually, scrap that," I snorted, pulling a strand of my hair down and looking at it, going cross eyed, "I'll be five minutes." I grinned and shoved him through the door.

"I'll be here, as if I was there all along." He said, as I shut the door in his smug face.

I hurried to my wardrobe and pulled out anything. A dark navy blue long sleeved V-neck, and some white skinny jeans. They were crease free, so I slipped them on and wiped my face free of makeup. I yanked a brush through my hair. Lifting my mascara to put it on, I dropped it two seconds afterwards. I didn't want to wear any makeup today. I skipped to my door, and re opened it. He was in exactly the same position I had left him in, just as he had promised. Arc traced my hairline to the soles of my bare feet with his dark eyes.

"Impressive, with one minute to spare." He pulled out his wrist and examined an invisible watch. Suddenly realising that my feet were cold, I knew why I still had a minute.

"Whoopsee, forgot my shoes." I shut the door on him again with a giggle, and pulled on some navy pumps. I ran to the door but he already had it open.

"Come on then." He grabbed my hand and pulled me down the coridoor.

"So, what's on the agenda today?" I asked him.

"First.." He started.

"Food." We chorused in unison, then burst out laughing. I realised the kitchen had been re-stocked; the cupboards and other fridges were full.

"Hm." I said, tapping the counter with my finger nails. "Pancakes?"

"Pancakes," He nodded, agreeing. It was then I heard Tami come running down the stairs.

"Muffins!" She shouted. Me and Arc tried to stifle our laughs; but, of course; it never worked.

The End

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