Violet: Breaking Dawn

I smiled. Wow. I think I've smiled about thirty times today. Me and Arc were laying on the grass, watching the stars. We talked about rubbish-Eastenders, Favourite foods, Memories- The last one I didn't say much on. But, in Arc's room, upstairs, I felt his emotion. And, he had said he hadn't felt an emotion in eight years.

It was love.

I suddenly realised a break of sunlight in the sky. Had time really gone that fast? It felt normal speed at the time. I rose, and held his hand to lift him up.

"It's kinda.. Late. I really don't wanna go." I mumbled.

"Neither do I, but I reckon we should get some rest - we're gonna be grumpy today," He gestured to the sky - it was breaking dawn.

"Haha, I've been there before." A smile touched the corners of my lips. So, we walked, hand in hand, towards the house.

The End

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