Kayden: Love

I lay in bed thinking about everything had happened, and feeling slightly sorry for Meita. The upside was, at least she had Nero there for her. They were such a cute couple. I just wanted to walk up to them and coo: AWWEEH, everytime they were together. I didn't, mind you, I don't think they would of appreciated the humour in it like I would. He was with her in her room, because she was still splattering blood- ever since she woke up she had been. But he stayed with her- ofcourse- because he loved her. 

Brandon and Jade were in love too. I lay listening to different thoughts, as a way of entertaining myself.

I love Brandon

Nero, I love you

I can't believe I'm actually in love. I love Violet.

Wait a second. Who loves Violet? I thought to myself. I listened hard. It was Arc's voice. Wow, he'd only just here and was already having himself some romance. Good for him- I think.

But gee, how depressing to have to hear all them thoughts. I blocked them out and closed my eyes. That's how I stayed until I heard somebody knock on my door. 


The End

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