Arc: Is this love?

I was sitting on my bed with the white plaster walls all around me. I was caressing Violet in my hands. And I felt, an emotion. Like a rock was dropped into my stomach and began to jump around. Then I notice Violet go red in the face.

"Why are you nevous?"

Then she whispers.

"Because that's love."

I grin.

My first emotion in over eight years.

I didn't want to move from this spot but I began to notice the darkness settling outside. Infact, I could see a few stars.

"Follow me."

Before she could say anything I got up and began to lead her by hand. We walked down the hallway, down the stairs and out the balcony door. There we made our way to the garden. I then lied down on the ground.

"Come on down."

"You think that I'm gonna get my clothes dirty?"

"Ok, then lie ontop of me."

She considered this option and decided it was better than getting her clothes dirty. So, she lied ontop of me, and I held her stable by her tummy. Then, we just talked for hours on end and blissfully watched the stars.

The End

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