Jade: What In The World Happened?

I still had the remainder of blush on my cheeks after Brandon had barged in and read what I had written. I felt kinda stupid afterwards, and could hardly get back into the book. I was thinking about pulling Ian like spaggetti, again, and I wondered about where the nearest black hole was...

I heard screams, shouting, and the like. I put down my book, forgetting in my haste to stop time. I then proceeded to run into the bookshelf, trip over another book, and forget how to open the door. By the time I got out, everyone was doing whatever they had been doing before.

"What in the world happened?" I asked Brandon. He told me about what had happened, which made me stop. "I hate him." I muttered. "I wish I could kill him with my bare hands."

"Maybe you can, Jade" Brandon said. "Stop time, and then go up and kill him. Simple, easy, efficient."

"Sure thing," I said dryly. "Thanks. That makes me feel really good, knowing that I could very easily be a murderer if I wanted to." "You're welcome."

The End

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