Orphian: Finally Caught

I couldn't lose the soldiers. Every turn I made they countered, every attack I make they stopped. It was futile I stopped running and put my hands in the air. and they hit me over the head. And i was out.

few hours later I was on a battle ship I wasn't blindfolded and i could see the sillhouette of a distant island getting bigger every moment.  A soldier was on the phone "yes we've got another one. his power? He shoots lazers. yeah sorta lame right. ok we are flying him over. "The soldier kicks me come on we are on a tight schedule get in the helicopter."   I obeyed at this point everything was futile.  I've been able to elude the soldiers for a few months . But this time they put a chemical in the air making my power useless and caught me . the helicopter landed. the soldier kicked me off into an open trapdoor.  I was in a corridor with a really depressing sign saying welcome to unit.

The End

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