Violet: Attachments

I followed Rephy upstairs with Meita in her arms, Kayden, Aysh, Nero and a few others behind her. I waited silently while she was lowered onto a bed. Her eyelids fluttered open; everything suddenly happened quickly. Meita screamed, and Rephy ordered us all out of the room apart from Nero. I strained against her as she shoved me out; but then I realised the loving look in both Nero and Meita's eyes so I stopped and let her push me. I sighed gently and trailed lightly to my room, my footsteps light on the wooden flooring. I flopped onto my bed and opened my book. It took me a while to actually understand what the words meant, it was just black dripping, poisoning the white. Even though I was so obsessed, when I finally established what the author was trying to say, I realised it was a romance. I immediately thrust the book to my black duvet and began to sift through my emails again.

Once I was finally done, I wandered over to Arc's room. I knocked lightly on the door.

"Who is it?"

"It's me - Violet. Is it okay if I come in?"

"Sure!" I walked in, smiling at him, pushing the door behind me. I sat on his bed with him.



"How are you?"

"Kind of wierd after that... Haha. But all the better for seeing you." I froze in shock. What the hell? Okay, our friendship had developed quickly - but was we really going this fast?

"Sorry. About. Freaking out." I stuttered the words, not the letters. He smiled and I couldn't help but to smile back.

"It's fine. I know your power has it's difficulties, so does mine, and every body elses in this hell hole." He rubbed my arm in comfort, and, I liked it. Was that wrong? Gee, I hope I wasn't developing some kind of attachment to him - I never wanted to leave this room. I felt like we could sit here and talk for ages, and, to my surprisement, we did.

The End

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