Meita: Blood

I wake up on my bed a few people leaning over me. "Oh god" I gasp. I lean to the right and begin  coughing. Blood splattering on the floor.

"Ewwww" I hear a Rephy squeal. I gasp then fall back on to the bed. I gulp down the blood sticking in my mouth.

"My head hurts" I whisper curling up on myself and putting my head between my knee's.

I feel a hand on my shoulder and someone sit on the bed immediatly knowing its Nero.

"Kayden, thanx for waking my up" I whisper. Then everyone turns to see her shocked face.

"He's in your mind" she whispers.

"I know but he can't find anything in my mind like you just mess with my reality" I whisper.

I hear gasps of worry. "He could kill you" Brandon mutters.

"But he won't....... he needs her alive" Nero mutters. Then I scream and Rephy turns to face the others.

"Everyone besides Nero out" she shouts gesturing everyone out the room.

"Take care of her Nero" Rephy says before closing the door behind her. I feel him pass a hand through my hair.

"Sleep" he whispers.

"You'll stay" I ask reaching out to take his hand.

"Of coarse" he says leaning to kiss my forehead. Then I close my eyes and fall to sleep gripping Nero's hand tightly.

The End

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