Rephy : Disaster

"~I'll spread my wings and I'll learn how to fly I'll do what it takes til' I tou-" I sing my favoite song, Breakaway. Meita starts screaming really loudly. I stop my singing, what is going on? She crouches down and puts her head in her hands. I scream as the disco ball falls, directly above Meita. She manages to hold it, then I take it away from her, putting it on the floor lightly.

"Move," Meita yells with difficulty.

"Oh my gosh, he's speaking to her!" Kayden shouts, she must have read her mind. Meita is sweaty and looks pained and sick, then she faints and falls unconsious on the ground.

"Oh no," Kayden whispers, her face full of shock.

"What was it Kayden?" Brandon asks, while Nero picks up Meita slowly.

"He said either give up or all of us die." Kayden tells us. Oh my. Violet rush down from upstairs, demanding to know the situation. She works her powers on Meita, it doesn't work.

"Here," I say to Nero, "Let me help." I take Meita off him and make her float beside me.

"No, I can do it -" Nero complains. I stare at him menacingly and he backs off. "All right."

I take Meita upstairs, Nero, Kayden, Brandon and a couple of others into our bedroom. I lay her down on her bed after moving the covers away.

"Aysh," I call, "Will you make a big pot of warmish water and some towels please?"

"Sure," she replies, she concentrates a bit then suddenly, a pot of water and white towels appear on her hands. I take them off her, thanking her at the same time.

"Kayden, see if you can get to her." I say, dabbing a bit of water onto Meita's forehead. Kayden nods, then her body goes limp too, her mind wandering into Meita's head.

The End

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