Kayden: Weakness.

What the hell? He was talking to her, in her head? How?! I thought that was impossible (for anyone other than me  that is). And now he had given her an ultimatum. Great. I'll admit it, before I'd just been trying to ignore it all, all the stuff that was happening, but now it wasn't so easy. I was scared. Everybody began to ask what he'd been saying. 
 "He said either give up or all of us die" I managed to choke out. My head began to hurt a little right then. I think the stress was making my powers go funny- I kept getting headaches.It was really rather strange. I didn't like it at all- my powers were getting stronger but I was getting weaker.  Right then, just as I was contemplating that, Meita fainted. Just like that. I guess that made two of us who were being affected by it. Of course, everyone panicked, and there were even a few screams.

Violet rushed down from upstairs, Arc following her closely. I left her screaming "CONCIOUS!!" at her limp body. I couldn't deal with the drama- my head ache was getting worse, and I knew she'd be fine. 

I hoped she'd be fine. 

The End

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