Violet: Crying red trails

Me and Arc were edging closer together, smiling - we were so close I felt his warm breath tickle my cool face. All of a sudden, the music went off downstairs and there were gasps and whispers. Me and Arc both froze. I listened close enough to hear Kayden say,

"He said either give up or all of us die."

I bolted out of my room and down the stairs, and I heard his quiet footsteps behind me. I looked around the room, and saw Meita laying in Nero's arms, unconscious.

"What happened?" I demanded.

"Somebody got into her head." Nero forced the words out; I couldn't tell whether he was crying or not, but the sudden break in his words pushed me towards one side. I hurried towards Meita.

"Conscious." I muttered, pulling the hair out of her eyes. This should work; I had done it before. "Conscious!" I yelped, after her body still laid limp. "No," I cried to myself, trying to force back the boiling tears. "NO! No. No, No, MEITA!!" I screamed. Too late, the waterworks had kicked in and I felt tears streaming down my face, a trail of red behind them to show the evidence.

"Shush, Vi. It's okay." Arc rubbed my arm and I shook him off.

"No, it's not," I rasped. "I can't do anything, can I?!" I looked at Meita; lifeless. "You are so damn lucky that I don't track down this- this- monster and end his life right here and now!!"

The End

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