Meita: Voices

Something twisted and I screamed. Rephy stopped singing and everyone looked at me as I crouched on the floor.

I know you can hear me Meita. Now make a choice give your self up or you all die.

I then hear Rephy scream and watch as the disco ball fall to the ground. I catch it but feel my hear begin to burn. "Move" I choke out.

Everyone moves out the way and I let it go.

Good, but you'll have to more than that.

"Oh my gosh, he speaking to her" Kayden shouts. I scream and grip my head in pain.

Hahaha, I always did know you weaknesses. Now decide.

Then he's gone and I fall to the floor unconcious.

"Oh no" Kayden whispers.

"What was it Kayden?" Brandon asks as Nero picks me up.

"He said either give up or all of us die" she chokes out then I lose my hearing all together.

The End

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