Brandon: whatcha writing?

so more commotion on Meitas part... i like the girl, shes nice to hang out with, but seriously so many people are after her! me and nero  will protect her... even though its starting to do my head in!

so anyways, i heard the screams and heard something about renon being there. then violet and zazi ran downstairs. i went over and hugged violet hoping she was ok. then Arc came down and started up the karaoke... oh goodie karaoke! sarcasm right there.

although to be honest hes a pretty good singer but yeah... i saw Jade walk upstairs after so i followed her up. god shes beautifull, i really do love her but i find it really hard to trust people... after haylen. i really need to stop thinking about her... but its hard when shes the one looking after your sister after you've just been taken away by the hacking government for being a bit HOT tempered ;)

she'd left the door open and i could see she was writing somthing. then she pulled out a book and started laughing to herself about spaghetti and black holes or something.

i walked up behind her and knelt down putting my arms on her shoulders.

"Whatcha been writing then?" i asked her. she jumped slightly then smiled

"ohh nothing" she blushed

i noticed my name written on the paper so i reached round sneakly and snatched it up.

"Me and brandon are ... together" i said laughing, fighting to push her off. i held the paper up high so she couldnt reach it, she was blushing and giggling as she tried snatching it back. i threw the paper on the floor then rugby tackled Jade onto the bed. i leaned over her.

"we're not just together... we love each other " i smirked "i love you so much" i kissed her lightly.

The End

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