Violet: Like a statue, carved out of granite.

I slammed the door in his face. It's not that I was upset with him that much anymore, I was afraid I was going to hurt him. He knocked again.

"Go away." I shouted, falling back on my bed.

"No." This was a statement; he refused to leave. It took me one minute to relax myself, and I opened the door again. He was standing there, exactly the same expression and position he was in when I shut the door in his face.

Like a statue, carved out of granite.

It suddenly reminded me of a quote from my favourite book - Twilight. I shook it off.

"What." I grumbled, filling the doorway - blocking the entrance to my room.

"Listen," He started, "I'm sorry. I want to kill him as much as you do." I considered this for a small moment, and stood to the side; letting him in. He took a step forward and I shut the door behind him.

"Sorry. I mean -" I sucked in a small, sharp breath. "You remember my power?"

"You control emotions-right?"

"Yes. But I can feel others emotions too. Pain, and anything like that counts." I observed his face carefully, looking for any signs of his emotion at all. Of course; I didn't need to do this, as I could already feel what he was feeling. Or, the correct term would be I could already not feel. He was totally blank. I sighed and crossed the room to sit on my bed. He did the same. "You see, my powers make my feelings a lot more stronger than anybody elses, even the most emotional of people. Even the stupidest of things - Take earlier, when Renon was in this room as exhibit A. I just got the slightest bit angry over it, and I was, hand at the ready to kill you."

"What did you say, when you said 'it's not about that?'" He asked me with courtesy.

"Oh. Like I said, I can feel others' around me. So when you inflicted pain on him, I felt it. That's why I screamed and ran. Not out of terror, like Zazi, but out of my own pain." He nodded, absorbing the facts.

"Sorry," He smiled, his hand dropping on the bed, so it lay inbetween us. Unthinkingly, I reached out and put my hand on the top.

"Me too."

The End

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