Jade: Diary

I wanted to scream at everyone else. They were dancing again, after what had just happened? I went up to my room, and sat on the bed. I went to the desk and grabbed a sheet of paper and a pencil.

Dear, I wrote, not knowing who I was intending this for. Maybe a diary? Good idea, so I better write down about everyone here.

Hi, it's Jade. I'm somewhere on an island, I think, in some sort of Unit. But they treat us nicely, here, except for when Ian and/or Renon visit. It's because of my powers. There's some other people her too. Meita got here first, and everyone listens to her, because she was trained by the government. She can manipulate air. And there's also Kayden, who can mind read and enter people's mind. Rephy can control gravity. Remember when I always said I wanted to go to space? Well, now I got part of it. Tami can teleport, and she's obsesed with muffins. Spenser can send images to people's heads, Zazi can manipulate earth, Violet can control emotions, Aysh can create objects from nothing, and Aurili has the same power as me! It's a little different, though. There's also Nero, who can put thought in somebody's head. Arc just got here. He can inflict pain. There's also Brandon, who controls fire. He and I are... together. And there's a Lunar Wolf, acctually two, I heard, and then there's Ian and Renon. I hate them! Renon creates force fields, and Ian controls space. Two more dimensions than me!!! He's much more powerful, and I hate him worse than anyone, ever.

But writing about such topics didn't make me happy. I grabbed a book and started reading. "If I could, I'd shove them into a black hole. The gravity would tear them apart like spagetti." I smiled at the idea.

The End

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