Aysh: Dancing and Singing and Screaming

I am gld that Kayden gave me the idea to start a party. I haven't been to a party since the night I lost everything. Well, it is a party, so I won't think about that. Instead, I'll think about the fact that floating in the air really messes up my dancing.

I'm not really paying attention to anything but the music, when it is disturbed. By screams. Well, so much for a night off. I couldn't do anything if I wanted, because I was floating by like a butterfly. I looked at Kayden, who was dancing next to me, and we broke out laughing.

Then, a bunch of people came down stairs, and Rephy put us all down. The disco ball fell, but I made a new one. Then, the new guy Asked if he could do Kareoke. I think I might like him after all.....

The End

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