Violet: Screams

People had already started appearing at the door.

Oh. Apparently, I did need an audience for my death. Yay.

My eyes would not tear away from him. I tried and tried - It was like he had me under his charm. But, from a quick, peripheral glance, I saw three figures. Jade, Meita and.. A new guy. Huh.

"Hello, Valdean." The new guy had said. I was confused - my feelings were returning - And so was Meita's.

"That's Renon." She then replied.

"No, that is Valdean, he and Ian come to my house every day. Well, him not so much." She eyed him viciously. "Fine, Renon it is."

She seemed happy; almost smug, in fact.

"What are you doing here?" He asked.

Renon had snickered.

"What I always do," His grin became a smirk, "Wreak havoc and chaos."

I got myself prepared. I was going to hurt him. Bad.


But, before I could finish, he was already falling to his knees, and pain shot through me. I screamed, and so did Zazi. She was probably screaming because it looked awful, but the pain physically tore through me. I ran from the room, Zazi at my side.


Arc, I had learned his name, just put the microphone down. I grabbed his wrist and took him over to a corner. Boy, was I angry.

"You. You hurt me in there." I resisted tearing his head off. "I could have done that without hurting anybody!"

I was really angry now, and let out a scream.

"I've been wanting-" I hesitated. "I've been wanting to hurt him since I knew of his existence. I get one shot and-and- And you just give him pain, like that?"

I ran off to my room, afraid I would hurt or break something or someone. I should not be around anybody - I was too strong.



The End

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