Arc: Kareoke

After some good hard thinking, I felt like I wanted to sing. So, I walked downstairs and apologized to Meita.

"I'm sorry, Meita."

"For what?" Her voice was sharp.

"For, being rude and yelling at you earlier."

"Ok, apology accepted." But I could tell it wasn't.

I nodded then went off to find Aysh. When I did find her I asked her if we could get a kareoke stand.

"Hey, could we get a kareoke stand?"

She looked happy at this request and instantly, there was a kareoke stand, with everything. I looked so happy. So, I crawled on stage and began thinking about which song I was going to sing. Then, I decided on one of my usual numbers.

"She's taking her time, making up the reasons. To justify all the hurt inside..."

When I was finished, the gathered crowd erupted in cheers. I never felt so alive in my life.

Me and my amazing voice.

"Who's next!" I yelled to the crowd.

The End

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