Meita: Crying

I can't believe Arc had said that there is always a choice, it's not kill or be killed. I sigh and hear light sobs escape my lips. The door opens slightly and I look up to see Nero peering in.

I wipe the tears from my face as he closes the door and come in to sit down.

"I heard it was Renon" he mutters. I nod. Usually I would be calmed by Nero's presence but my anger seemed to be rising and rising.

"You want to talk or would you rather I leave?" he asks. I lean my head on his shoulder and feel his arm wrap round me.

"The party's still going you know" he whispers through my hair. I look up and him smiling.

"Let's go have a dance then" I say, jumping up and pulling him along with me out the door. When we get downstairs he pulls me into a hug and we just dance slowly.

The End

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