Arc: Darkness or Light.

I heard screaming from the room over and ran towards it. Inside I saw Zazi, Valdean, and another girl. Meita was at the door and so was Jade. I shoved past them to get a better look at Valdean.

"Hello, Valdean."

Then Meita looked confused and she corrected me.

"That's Renon."

I turned to look at her.

"No, that is Valdean, he and Ian come to my house every day. Well, him not so much." She eyed me viciously. "Fine, Renon it is."

She looked happy with this result. Satisfied I turned to look at Valdean, uhh, Renon.

"What are you doing here?"

He snickered.

"What I always do, wreak havoc and chaos."

Then, I began to  use my power. With eye contact and close vicinity the pain shot straight through his body. He screamed and buckled under the weight of his own body. Quickly, his forcefields disipatted and the girl and Zazi went to leave. As they passed me, I continued to inflict pain of Renon, his screaming an extacy to me. His sweat, his tears, his pain; so intoxicating.

Then, Meita grabbed my shoulder and tried to stop me from killing Renon, unfortunately, Ian grabbed Renon, and I could feel my powers disipating until gone. He escaped.

Now, Meita spoke.

"What the hell was that! You could've killed him."

I turned to face her.

"That has been my world for the past two years, kill or be killed. The only sad thing now is that next time they try to attack they'll factor in my ability. Next time, they'll be smarter. Next time, they'll be ready. If only I had squished that bug, that wouldn't have happened!"

Tears began welling within her eyes.

"No! That is not how we solve our problems here, no killing!"

With this said, she turned around and left in a huff. Then, everyone went downstairs. I decided to stay up here and make my bed. Then, I lied on my bed, without sleeping. Thinking, about everything.

The End

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