Jade: Dancing, And The Bad Guy

I liked dancing with Brandon, even if I felt a little stupid. Floating in the air was cool, though. Watching acutely, I saw Meita leave. I didn't follow, though, as I didn't want to follow her. She could sort it out. I trusted her, really.

But I thought I heard a scream, and that changed my plans. I rushed upstairs, stopping time so no one would see me run. But when I got to Violet's room, the source of the commotion, Renon was there. And I hated him.

I lost my grip on time, and everyone started up again.

"Meita!" I yelled. "What is happening now?" But she just stood there, along with Violet and Zazi. I stood there too, and it seemed as if Renon was waiting for something. What had I missed?

Meita had gotten us in this, I was sure.

The End

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