Violet: Loss of power

I stared at the beautiful face glowering at me. Every feeling inside me had been lost, numbness had took over. I wanted to kick him in the face with a passion that words cannot describe, but I could not make my body move. My mind screamed at it, told it what to do, but it simply disobeyed and froze. I was rigid. I didn't even have the power to gulp anymore - where had all the confidence gone? Somebody stepped through the door, and I was curious to see who it was.

Curious. Rock on, Violet! No better time to be curious than this!

I grimaced internally at my sarcastic thoughts.

"Violet? What's up?" I instantly recognized Zazi's sweet, childlike voice.

A moment of silence passed, to which I broke when I finally found my voice amongst all the blackness and numbness - I hated the loss of feeling, especially along with my powers.

"Zazi.." I manage to choke out in a whisper, "..Someone's in here with us.."

My power of emotion had dissapeared when Renon - The name made me wince ever so slightly - appeared in the room. I didn't know if this was because of my shock, or his presence. A knock came from the door. Dammit. I didn't need an audience for my death..

Zazi jumps, obviously startled from the sound of knuckles being tapped against hollow wood, and the book I had been reading fell to the cold, hard, wooden floor.

"You guys alright in there?" Oh, no. Meita. I couldn't put her through this. No more pain for her, she didn't deserve it - at all. I composed my features on my face, and then my voice.

"Yeah.. Every-" Unfortunately, my voice broke, so it was not easy to hide now the fear and nervousness inside of me. "-thing's fine." I finished the sentence. Clearly not believing me, the door falls down with an obvious force. I screamed unknowledgeably, the sound mingled uncomfortably with Zazi's screeching, but Meita's eyes were not fixated on me and Zazi, they were on Renon's mischevious glare.

"Now." The perfect voice surprised me. "This can be easy, or this can be hard." His eyes, flaring, cunning schemes stashed inside them, just a hint of them showing, shot a look in my direction. I had the power to cringe away. A low chuckle revealed itself under his breath. I heard Zazi and I shudder at exactly the same time. This would have been extremely funny, and made me giggle a bit, if I wasn't in the situation I was currently in.

The End

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