Nero: I'll Leave You To sort This Out...

I leaned my head gently down, placing my hand on Meita's cold neck and pressing my lips to hers softly. It only lasted seconds, but I could do this all day. I pushed myself away. 

"Go upstairs." I whisper uneasily after she told me there was something up. I let her go, me following behind her. 

What are you doing?! You call this slow?! I thought to myself, shaking my head. We got to Violet's room. 

She froze and took my hand. I squeeze it gently and let her bang the door open. We paused in astonishment. 

"I think it's best we go." I tugged at Meita's arm but she wouldn't budge. I looked over to Violet's confused and worried face. "I'll just leave it to you." I nodded and walked downstairs, listening to the closing of the door behind Meita. I slumped down on the sofa next to Aurili."Hey." I smile and she nodds once.

"What's happening upstairs?" she asked me. I shrug.

"I literally have no idea. I'm just leaving everything to Meita. She'll sort it out." I hope...

The End

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