Zazi: Disco Lights And Violet's Frights

Potato Latkes taste quite good. I hate to admit it, but Rephy is quite a good cook.  I smile to myself.

“It’s nice to see you smile again, Zazi,” Rephy says.

“Yeah well, I haven’t smiled for a while since Chris broke my heart…”

She gives me a really confused look, and I say, more to myself than anybody, “I really should get Vi to help me sort out my emotions…” I glance quickly at Rephy, who looks like she is about to answer but a commotion interrupts and brings us into the living area.

A large silver disco ball has manifested itself in the centre of the small living area and Aysh and Kayden are really giving it their all. Great dancers! I think to myself. Suddenly I am lifted into the air.

“Rephy?!” I cry, and I hear that I’m not the only one. From up here I can see the whole group-there are two wolves like I could sense earlier, and I can also sense another person, a boy with a menacing aura. I attempt to ‘swim’ over to him (my preferred place of being is on the ground, not in air), and extend a hand when I reach him.

“New? Hey I’m Zazi I have abilities with Earth…” My nervousness is still obvious but the flashing lights of the disco are almost relaxing.

“Arc. I inflict pain.”

“Arc. Interesting name…I’ve only ever met one other Arc…But you’re not like the others are you? I’m sure Ian would have wanted someone with your…power on his side…” I lower my voice, “Or are you…secretly evil?!” But then wink at him, to pretend I was joking.

“Look, I have things to do, so I’ll see you around. If you need me…well, you’ll find my room…” I end and then swim away to the staircase. Wow, what made me be so confident and say all that? What…or who?

Entering my room I notice something is wrong.

“Violet? What’s up?” She is standing rigid in the centre of the room.

“Zazi…” she whispers, “…someone’s in here with us…”

The End

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