Rephy : Dancing above

DANCE PARTY! I hear Kayden from downstairs. I love dancing! But, I do always end up looking ridiculous.....

I enter the disco room, it is amazing. There is a disco ball hanging from the ceiling, a cool jukebox, punch bowls, snacks, and a lot of people dancing. The lights have been turned down and all there is is great music and disco lights.

"Aysh!" I shout, bumping into everyone I pass. "This is awesome!"

"Thanks!" She yells back, "Enjoy dancing!" It is really croweded, the room isn't huge. Ah, idea. I walk up the wall and onto the ceiling, pretty empty up here. The ceiling is higher than normal rooms. Useful!

I walk between everyone, then I spot a face I don't recognise.

"Hi! Are you new?" I ask a boy, upside down. He springs away from me, with a very surprised face. "I'm Rephy, I control gravity. Nice to meet you!" I hold out my hand.

"Hi....." he replies, shaking my hand in an awkward position. "I'm Arc, I can inflict pain on people."

"Wow. That's really scary." I say loudly, "You wanna come up here?"

"Uh, okay."

I hold out my hand again, indicating for him to take it. He does and immediately he flips up-side down and his feet lands on the ceiling.

"Woah!" He shouts, impressed. I smile back.

"Cool, huh?" I step back, still holding his hand (if I didn't he would fall). Right into the disco ball. The wire holding it to the ceiling breaks and falls. I release my hold on Arc and he starts falling. I take gravity away, making the disco ball, and everyone else float in the air.

"Sorry!" I shout to everyone. Everyone laughs at me. I sigh in relief, no one is hurt. Even though they are floating, everyone starts dancing again anyway

The End

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