Brandon: time out

after i danced with jade for a bit, she was amazing dancer by the way, i got myself a drink and noticed Kayden sitting by herself.

i walked over and sat on her.

"Brandon! get off you fatboy!" she shouted, i laughed and slid off her and on to the seat beside her.

"tired?" i asked her. she nodded. "me too... time for a time out me thinks" i gestured to my cigarette packet but she smiled. i noticed she kept looking at Aysh.

 Do you like Aysh then?  i thought.

kayden blushed and looked away. i put my arm around her and pulled her into a hug.

 i know you can hear me  i thought  i think you like her dont you?

she avoided my eyes so i pulled her closer and whispered in her ear.

"if you like her or dont, i suppose its none of my business, just know that if you need to talk babe, im here" i kissed her forehead and got up to go refill my glass.

The End

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