Kayden: Dance party!

Aysh disappeared from my room after things got a little awkward. She'd told me that I was her only friend. I was really glad of that. I'd wandered around my room aimlessly for a while after she'd left- just thinking I suppose. I briefly checked my emails, and then decided to go downstairs.

When I did, to my surprise, I found a giant jukebox that HAD NOT been there before. "What the ? How did this get here?" I called. Aysh grinned at me. Awesomme! I loved juke boxes.  "DANCE PARTY!!!!" I yelled, excited and hurried down the stairs. I stuck on a track as I got down stairs and headed towards Aysh who was dancing- pretty well might I add. Nobody else seemed to be joining in. Gee, where was the party spirit in this house?! I started to dance with her. This was going to be a fun party.


After a while, everybody was up and dancing. I, personally, was marvelling at the disco ball- I loved them things! ShadowHide was back, in his human form. along with a female lunar wolf that I hadn't been introduced to yet. I looked across the dance floor to see Nero and Meita kiss. I sighed. Way to make a girl feel lonely. I walked over to the newly manifested punch bowl and grabbed a drink. Then I sat down on the couch for a while.  I was all danced out. 

The End

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