Brandon: new guy

"i love you" jade had told me

"i love you too" i replied and kissed her, she'd surprised me at first but i really did feel for love for this girl

then she had ran off to find Aurili. i walked around aimlessly thinking about those words... i love you. i hadnt said those words in ages... not since... Haylen... no forget about her B she was just using you!

i'd come downstairs from having a quick power nap to notice someone new in 'camp'. Jade was speaking to him and then she came over to me and we kissed again... this new guy - Arc she said his name was - was checking her out i think.

we started watching a movie when Aysh walked in and suddenly we were in a massive disco room which was a bit strange to say the least.

i walked up to Arc and slapped him on the back feeling a sudden burning sensation in my hand... and not from myself.

"Sup man" i thrust my hand out "brandon" i nodded "fire dude" i flicked my other hand and a fire ball erupted to life.

he shook my hand. "Arc - i can inflict pain on people"

i looked at him then my face broke in a goofy grin "Sweeeeet"

The End

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