ShadowHide: another lunar wolf

 ShadowHide paws kicked up dirt has he walked back and forth in front of a female lunar wolf. Her eyes, a gentle voilet watched as he paced back and forth.

 "I do not understand what you have to worry about.." She spoke shaking her dark redish-brown fur. "They are children yes, but you are barely a year older then them. Why must you a child yourself protect these dangerous children?"

  ShadowHide paused giving the female a long look before speaking. "Thats only in human years Spring-Pelt." He gave her ear a loving tug. "You are right i shouln't worry but i can't help it. Meita is with them."

  Spring-Pelt jumped up excited. "Meita is with them! Why did you not say so love! Lets go see these human children that worry your mind so."  Giving her fur another shake she ran off to the unit.

 " Spring-pelt! Wait just a secound!" Shaking his head he ran after her.

 Spring-Pelt arrived at the unit in her human form, dressed in baggy jeans and a t-shirt, no shoes. Her Redish- Brown hair down to her ankles, voilet eyes searching for  her friend Meita.

 ShadowHide came in after her tackling her to the ground. Wearing jeans and a black tee, also no shoes."You never listen to me do you!"

 Spring-Pelt hissed at him. "I do as i please!"

 They fought like they always do when their mad at each other. The fight ended in a tie each lunar wolf having the same amount of bruises.

 Shadow-Pelt pressed a hand to his bloody face where Spring-Pelt had used her nails to scrath him. "What was this for?"

 "For giving me a black eye!" Spring-pelt left had was pressed to her eye which was swollen and had puss coming out of it.

 "Whatever..lets just find Meita and get it over with. Follow me." ShadowHide started to walk away when he felt a round house kick to his head. He whipped around to see Spring-Pelt in a fighting stance.

 "I wasn't finished yet! You ingnorant bastard!" Spring-Pelt screeched.

 "Oh thats it! Your going down woman!" ShadowHide launched himself at Spring-Pelt.

The End

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