Aysh: Interupting

Hello, there, Jade and Bandon." I said. I had left Kaydens room, feeling akward. I left one akward spot, only to make another one. Jeesh, I have issues.

They were watching a movie, and when I said hey, Jade jumped up like she was going to attack me or something. I am glad she has a friend.

I actually left Kayden's room, to say hi to the new dude. His name is Arc. I went up to him, and told him that I was the last one here, before him. He asked what my gift was, and I just smiled. I am finding that I love this part. I turn around and see some new people that I haven't met yet. I face him again, and close my eyes. A disco ball lowers from the ceiling, and a giant jukebox pops up in the corner.

My eyes open in time to see everyone elses eyes just about pop out of their heads. I am really grinnning, and I like the looks people are giving me. I guess I am still an attention hog sometimes.

Someone yells out, "What the ? How did this get here?" I look up, and on the balcony is Kayden. I grin at her, and she screams out,"DANCE PARTY!!!!"

It starts out slow, but I take to the newly created dance floor. On her wy down, Kayden punches a song, and the music starts playing. I am so glad to see her coming to dance with me.

Istart to dance like no one is looking, even though I know every body is.

Man, you people have no spirit......

The End

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