Aysh: Left Out

There is a knock on the door, and since I was just getting up, Kayden answers it.

She says hello to some one, but I can't see who. Then I hear Meita's voice saying that is the end of the tour. I also hear a definately male voice answer her. OMG! Is she cheating on Nero? I hope not. He seems like a nice guy. If she isn't, it will stir up a lot of drama. Fun.

Kayden returns, and I hug her again. I am think of how glad I am that she is my friend. She hugs me back, and I know she read my mind. I step back, and tell her thank you. She wants to know what she did. Like she doesn't know.

"You are my friend. My first real friend. Ever. All everyone else cared about was my family's money. But you don't care about that, do you?"

I....Like her.......Strongly......Maybe a little too much........

The End

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