Arc: More sights!

As Meita brought me up the stairs I suddenly realized the extent of the stuff I was into.

So, she knows about Ian.

Meita then knocked on this door and a girl answered.

"Arc, this is Kayden. Kayden, this is Arc."

I held out my hand.

"A pleasure."

She nodded as she shook my hand.

"Ok Arc, that's the end of the tour."

I nodded and then Kayden motioned for Meita to come inside her room. She did and I wondered off, eventually finding the garden. Seeing that I was alone I called out for Ian.


Then, I felt the familar twinge when space was altered and Ian was beside me.

"You lied, she's not evil at all. You had best give me a good reason to not torture you right now."

As I saw the fear in Ian's eyes I instantly knew it was fake.

What was he hiding.

"No, I swear, she's evil! This is just how she acts to her guests. You'll see, after a while she'll begin to ignore you, then she'll try to hurt you. Just like your dad."

I shook my head.

"No, you're wrong. Now, get out of my face before I make you wish you were never born."

I noticed a faint hint of disgust in his face.

"Ok, goodbye."

At this, he left.


All I wanted to do, was be alone now. I felt like such a tool.

The End

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