Meita: Beep means bad news

The controller beeped and I lifted it up to look at. "Oh, hold on" I say holding a hand up and walking away from Arc.

Secound target acquired, Meita will be ours.

Second target? What secound target? I sigh and slip the controller back into place and walk back to Arc. "Sorry about that" I say and I know I'm frowning.

"What was that? We aren't allowed phones" he mutters.

"No, I stole this from Renon" I say tapping it. "It cotrols everything inside the unit, if you have to codes. But resently I've been getting snippits of this guy called Ian's plan"

I feel Arc flinch behind me and turn to look at him. "Something wrong" I ask.

"No, I just think I've met him before" Arc mutters.

"Yeah, well hope you don't again cause he control's space" At that Arc eyes go wide in realization and shock but I just ignore it.

"Back on with the tour" I say taking the steps two at a time.

The End

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