Arc: Interesting.

As Meita leads me through a tour of the containment unit, she doesn't appear to be too evil. I decide to give it a couple days before I painfully punish Ian for tricking me.

"So, why are we all here anyways?"

She looked at me confused.

"Well, the government thinks we're too strong to be on our own. So they take us here."

I nod.

"I can see why I'm here. But putting thoughts in peoples minds is hardly a threat to national security."

She shakes her head.

"Of course it is, think of it this way. There is an election. What would happen if while one person was simply following their train of thought they began talking about Nazism and devil worship."

"Well, he wouldn't become president."

"Exactly, but what if he was the good person, even though he had his thoughts tampered with."

"I see, point taken."

"Yes, moving on with our tour."

At this, she continued. And I listened intently.

Who else is here?

The End

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