Meita: Welcome to the Unit

"Welcome to the unit" I say leading him down the hall. I watch him look around. I spot Nero and wave he stops and comes over.

"This is Nero" I say as he comes to stand at my side.

"Hiya" he says offering his hand. Arc takes it and shakes.

"What's your power?" I ask tilting my head.

"To deliver pain" he says shrugging. I gawk.

"I control air" I say. I point my hand across the room and Rephy jumps out of the way as a muffin flys over to my hand.

"Muffin" I ask smiling.

"My powers to put thoughts in peoples head" Nero says. "Look I got to go Meita"

He kisses me on the forehead and heads upstairs.

"Is e you boyfriend or something?" Arc asks. I freeze.

"I think its still or something, we're trying to take take it slow........ Anyway on with the tour" I shout spinning on my heels.

The End

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