Arc: Introduction

I got home after school. I threw my backpack off and went to the kitchen to make myself a snack. I fish around in the cupboard for a granola bar or something when I feel a bend in space.

"Hello, Ian."

"Hello, Arc."

"What did I tell you about entering my house without knocking."

I turned to look at him and I could feel him trying to hold back the pain. That was my ability. I could inflict pain upon someone and even inflicting death. I didn't need eye contact, but it helped.

"Arc, stop, I'm sorry."

I let him out of my hold, and then found a fruit cup. I got a spoon out of the drawer and began to eat.

"What do you want?"

"Like we arranged, the government is going to pick you up. You will go, they will take you to GCU-7. There you will caputre Meita."

I nodded, finished my fruit cup.

"Yes, and who better to do that then a psychopathic mind-murderer. When will the government come?"


There was a knock on my door. And I walked over to answer it. On the other side, was a government official, at least that's what he looked like.

"Hello, you've been briefed on our arrival, time for you to come with us."

I didn't budge.

"What's your name?"

He began to sweat.

"Ronald Baker."

I nodded.

"Ok, Ronald Baker, take me away."

I then walked willingly with him to a black car. When I entered the car I felt a sting at my neck, and realized they were drugging me.

Oh well.

When I woke up, I was in the back seat the the car. Outside of a building. Ron opened the door and let me out. He then walked me down to the door and let me walk in.

"This is where you live now."

And he promptly closed the door. I began looking around for someone when I saw a girl. I walked up to her.

"Hello, I'm Arc."

She giggled a bit.

"I'm Meita."

Then it hit me.

I'm supposed to capture her? No. I'll see how this all plays out. If she's truly evil I'll get her. If not, Ian will pay for trying to use me.

"Nice to meet you."

The End

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