Meita: Thoughts

Well, I saw that one coming. But why did he feal resposible? I sigh sitting back down. I stick my legs out and rest back on my arms.

I knew it was safer in side but as the warm air touched my skin. I felt myself glow and I think I really did. I open my airs to find the thin layer of air around my arms sparkling.

I jump shocked and the shine disapears. I shake my head. My powers were developing to quickly just like my love for Nero.

I'd never had it this bad for anyone.

I didn't even know why I liked him actually? I just felt warm when I looked at him and his smile made my heart flutter.

I sigh. I should stop thinking about him or I might just end up getting disapointed.

Nero's right we should be taking this slower. I look up at the sky and smile. Let's just hope things turn out well....

They have too but Zazi.....

My thoughts wondered back to her. She was hiding something, she was blaming me for almost everything.

Ian must have done some serious twisting with Space to get her to act like this.

I turn on my heels and walk back into the house. I see Nero on the sofa and walk up to him, sitting next to him and pull my knees to my chest.

I feel him tense like he wants to reach out and smile. I lean against him and he puts an arm round my shoulder.

"Being like this is fine for now you know" I whisper and I watch him smile.

The End

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