Aysh: Helping Kayden

Kayden was crying. I could tell. I wanted to ask her what was wrong, butI knew she would say when she was ready.

Instead, I started to tell her about my life.

"Kayden, Do you have a mom?"


"Well, I used to too. And a dad. And two sisters. And an older brother. I had a big happy family until a few years ago. Then I went to a party, and lost track of time. I remember worrying on the way home what my mom would say. Then I turned onto the street. My house was gone. All that was left, was a pile of ash, and part of the marble stairwell. There were two fire trucks and three ambulances. And about twenty police cars.

"They were looking for me. They thought I was dead. Like I was supposed to be. But I wasn't. I survived because I was a stuck up brat. I was spoiled, and didn't think anything bad coulkd happen to me. Well, it did.

"After that, I moved from Beverly Hills, to Florida. I was on the news a lot, and people wanted to figure out how I was still alive. And they wanted to know how I survived with out a job. Or school. They all thought I had a Sugar Daddy."

I force out a harsh laugh, And smile a little. Kayden just stares at me.

The End

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