Meita: Traiter

The controller beeps and I jump up shock so does Nero, whose been reading a book.

I slip the controller off the waistband of my trousers and look at the screen.

Target Achieved, she'll be are's as soon as she breaks.

"No" I gasp. They've tricked Zazi.... but what do they need her for and why are they sending her back. Well, I assume they are sending her back. Then I hear the door open and Zazi steps in hair notted.

"Zazi" Rephy shouts jumping up and running over. I know she's a traiter but I can't help but feel slightly happy she's un-harmed.

But I keep my distance and just stand up smiling slipping the controller back in to place.

"Zazi" I say nodding and when she looks at me her eyes narrow slightly.

"Meita" She says forcing a smile. What has he done to her?

"You should go say hi to the other" I say gesturing upstairs. She nods and walks off and I hear screams of delite.

"Somethings wrong" I whisper looking at Nero and I see him nod looking in the direction Zazi went.

"She looked at you strange, like you'd done something wrong" Nero mutters and I feel slightly worried that is wasn't just my imagination.

The End

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