Aysh: Muffins and Rasberries

As I walk out my door, I notice that my name is written on the door. It looks like a very fancy calligraphy, but only I could mess it up that bed. I am suprised that Rephy girl could read it. I start walking down the hall, when I bump into Kayden.

She asks if I would come to her room  second. I tell her sure, just let me go to the bethroom first. Then, for some random reason, she tells me not to go into the Muffin Fridge. Like I would go in there, and take Tami's precious muffins from her. I would manifest a bananna muffin with brown sugar on top.

I go down stairs, and find the rest room. on my way back I see Meita. I stop by quickly to ask if she is feeling better. She says that someone named Aurili reversed time on her wound, and it is gone now. I smile and say good.

On my way back upstairs, I think about it, and put a bag of Potatoes, two onions, and a food processor on the counter. next to it, I place a reciepe for Potatoe Latkes. Maybe some bored soul will whipp up a batch. Oh, I forgot the skillet. Now, I head for Kaydens room.

Wierdly enough, Tami is waiting out side my door. "What are you doing, Tami, Right?" I ask her. She tells me she wnts a muffin. I ask why she doesn't get one from the fridge. She opens her hands, I drop in a ginormus chocolate mufin gift basket. She says there is a cannon in the fridge.

I descide not to ask, and instead head to Kayden's room. I wonder what she wants to tell me?

I walk in to her room after getting permision, and see her sitting on her bed. She is reading a book, and looks up as I enter. "Can I have a bowl of rassberries?" I smile and close my eyes. In the empty space under her bed, I manifest a mini fridge, just the right size. It is, of course, filled entirly with rasberries. She smiles when she see it, and I begin to wonder what this is about. I mean, rasberries are awesome, but I can tell there is something more....

The End

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