Meita: Cannon in the fridge

I say cross legged in the air the controller floating in front of me.

"Meita, maybe you should take a break" Nero calls up. "I don't want you get your self hurt again"

I sigh and float back down to sit in the place on the couch between Nero and Rephy.

"That was weird how you just went up like that, why couldn't you have just stayed on the couch?" Rephy mutters.

I grab the controller out of the air and spot Tami skipping across to the kitchen.

"Tami" I shout she turns. "Don't touch the fridge"

"Why?" she asks confused but she slowly walks over.

"There's a cannon in it" I say sorting through the files on the controller.

"You got to be kiding?" Tami says hands on hips.

"No there really is a cannon in the fridge" Rephy says looking slightly scared.

"How did you find it?" Tami asks.

"That thing she's got controls the things in the unit, the first button she pushed made a cannon come out of the fridge. Ask Kayden she's the on who almost got her head blown off" Rephy explains.

"Cool, can I mess with it?" Tami says eyes sparkling.

"No" I say shortly and I watch her pout angrily. "I've know how to use it but this could accidentally blow up the building"

She and Rephy gawk shocked and Nero raises an eyebrow. I sigh and lean against him.

"Go ask Aysh for a box of muffins" I mutter.

She nods then skips off. I feel Nero wrap a arm round my shoulder and close my eyes. I slip the controller to clip on the waist band of my jeans and put an air shield round it.

So if anyone touches it beside me they'll be catapulted half way across the room.

The End

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