Kayden: Well that's a lot of use

So we had the controller to the front door. Great! We had hope! Or not, apparently.  We didn't have the code. I wasn't allowed near the fridge any more, and I was fresh out of raspberries. My plan to live the next two weeks to the full was NOT going well.  I sighed, again, and decided to head up to my bedroom. "I'm going to read" I told them all. "If you crack the code, come find me." 

I headed upstairs towards my bedroom, thinking about everything that had happened. Not just today, or within the last few weeks, but everything.

It was 19th of May, the year before the unit. Me and Jack were hanging out in the shopping centre, drinking shakeaway's and eating Millies cookies. Jack had been my best friend ever since first school, he was like my brother. We went through everything together. I was the one who made him feel better when his boyfriend broke his heart, and he was there for me when my parents divorced. It was just a normal day really, we were joking around and laughing at each other, like usual. We'd decided to go in a jewellers... it was my mums birthday the next week, and we had no idea that an armed robbery was about to take place.

I felt the tears roll down my face. The next few moments were the scariest of my life. It was also when I first discovered my powers.

Three men in balaclavas burst in to the store, screaming and shouting, waving guns around. The customers all gathered scared in the back of the shop. Jack took my hand and told me it would be okay. I wanted to believe him, I really did. He whispered in my ear, that we were going to make a run for it. I didn't want to, I was scared we'd get hurt, but he was so sure. So confident. We waited until the men were raiding the tills, and then we ran. I'd never ran so fast in my life. My heart was pounding. We nearly made it to the doors. Then I heard gun shots.

I curled up on my bed, sobbing for my lost friend.

I screamed and looked behind me. "Don't look back!" Jack told me, dragging me along as fast as possible. I heard more shots, and a scream. I turned to look at my best friend. Horror was painted on his face, and his hand was clutched to his chest. His shirt started to redden. "Jack!" I cried. I managed to make it out of the shop, dragging him with, his almost lifeless body slumped over my shoulder. I laid him on the floor. "Jack" I told him "Don't die, I NEED you." His eyelids fluttered open, and his hand gingerly reached up to touch my face. I was crying and I was frightened. I didn't know what I'd do if I lost Jack.

Kayden, Don't cry. I love you. Don't forget that.

Even though I'd never used my powers before, I knew that I was hearing Jacks thoughts. Tears cascaded down my face, as his hand dropped back beside him. He whispered something under his breath, I'm not sure what. Then, I watched him take his last breath. "No!" I cried. "Jack, talk to me!" But it was no use. I'd just lost the most important thing to me, and he was never coming back.

I couldn't stop crying. I hadn't thought about that in nearly a year. It was Jack who helped me with everything. If only he was with me in that moment. Maybe, in two weeks, I would see Jack again. I missed him.

The End

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